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About Audas Media

Content management, marketing, email, sms and social media management tools all with online video,image and media editing tools.


Cheapest websites in Australia

Cheapest websites in Australia

Cheapest websites in Australia

No up front costs.

Websites built in the same day with less than 24 hour turn around. Payments for your website are built into your monthly bill. The total cost of building your website is $300 and is spread out over as many years as you like.

Alternatively you can build your own website and just pay the monthly hosting fee.

Our websites offer more features than any other service in Australia right now for a similar price.

In fact our websites offer almost everything you need to run your business - and all of these tools are free with your hosting and set up fee.

We offer a free content management system , free marketing tools,  free online booking tools, free point of sales and free display advertising tools.

Please see our list of free tools - free online image editors, free online movie editors, free banner ad creating tools, free online gif tool, free tool for downloading youtube videos, instantly drag or load files including videos from almost any website. 

We have free tools for creating QR codes online , free tools for creating vcards, ical events online, in fact you can create QR codes with ical, vcards, maps, or anything else.

We have free online pdf creation tools and free online Microsoft word creation tools. You can export any web page as PDF or export any web page as Microsoft Word.

How about free online document management tools, free online customer relationship management tools which allow you to send SMS messages online free. 

There is so much more - please take a look at the complete list.

Click here for the list of free online content management tools

Click here for the list of free online social media marketing tools

Click here for the list of free online business management tools

Same Day Websites

Websites in 24 hours

Websites in 24 hours

Websites created in less than 24 hours

We can have your website ready in only a few hours, usually less than 24.

Even if you haven't got everything ready - we can get the site ready for the content to slot straight in.

Search engine optimization, text styling, image editing, layout can all be changed whenever needed, online and through the website itself.

You can have everything you need to get your business online in hours.